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Professional Training and Supervision for Health Professionals

I provide professional training and development for health professionals who wish to integrate mindfulness into their clinical work and/or their self-care management. This training, which is undertaken in the format of either a group workshop or as an individual consultation includes the:
  • Development of a conceptual understanding of mindfulness and its clinical application

  • Introduction to practical methods and techniques of promoting and teaching mindfulness skills to clients and patients in a brief and highly structured format

  • Development of a personal understanding and application of mindfulness through direct experiential exercises and guided practise

Regular supervision for practitioners of mindfulness based therapeutic work as well as traditional (i.e. CBT) psychological therapy is available and can be arranged on an individual basis.

I am available for private appointments at Laingholm.
See Appointments for details.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about me or the psychological services I can offer.


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